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Michelangelo Custom Tube Mastering EQ
Monday, 27 June 2016 00:00


We've recently installed a custom tube Michelangelo mastering EQ built by Chris Hendy at Hendy Amps in the USA.

This EQ is stereo ganged and acts like a broad shaping tone control for the mix. With the "Aggression" (tube drive), "Bass", "Mid", "High" and "Air" controls along with some custom mods that include a cleaner signal low impedance or a more coloured high impedance switchable option, the EQ becomes extremely versatile and quick to dial in. The EQ points and curves are also extremely musical, allowing broad shaping of the mix with precision control. The sound is deliciously smooth and big due to the minimalistic circuit and the all-tube and transformer signal path. This rounds out our analog EQ collection very nicely: with four analog EQ's to choose from, there is an EQ that suits every genre and mix style.

Book your job in today to hear the Michelangelo in action on your next project.