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Building a mix room
Monday, 30 April 2018 19:00

Does the room you mix in cause problems and frustrations: noise restrictions; acoustic issues; monitors that cannot be trusted; insufficient low-end extension and inaccuracy?

We're working on a solution for you: a mix room where the focus is on the acoustics and monitoring, and you'll be able to hire for reasonable rates.

Mix room - under construction - small

Accurate monitoring

The main point of difference our mix room will offer is a monitoring experience that you can trust due to extensive acoustic design, treatment and monitoring.

The main monitors are full-range and identical to what we use in the mastering room for detail, imaging and accuracy without compromises.

We understand some people may not be used to mixing on detailed full-range monitoring which is why we've added a second option: near/mid-field monitors that have a proven track record with some of the best engineers in the world. These will still sound very balanced due to the room acoustics, but won't be as detailed or extended in their frequency range; this can be useful for judging the all important midrange balance.

High-end analogue gear

Mix room - Custom Transformer Box - small

Another draw card will be the range of custom one-off and popular analog hardware processing available for individual tracks within your mix session and mix buss processing including the Smart Research C2 compressor, custom M250EP 5-band discrete T-Filter EQ, vintage Neumann passive inductor EQs, Studer A807 quarter-inch 2-track analog tape machine and a custom vintage transformer processing unit that has a range of different transformers to choose from including Neve, UTC, API & Neumann.

The analogue hardware will all be routed through a custom-built insert switcher which has M/S options, a parallel blender and even order flipping on four inserts. The input and output of the analog processing will be handled by a mastering-grade set of converters, the Antelope Pure2, which will also clock the whole system.

Mix room - Analog Rack Gear - small

In the box

If you're used to working in the box, you'll love the fast 12-core Mac Pro with the latest Pro Tools HD software, Lynx Aurora 16 interface with Lynx AES16e, Antelope Pure2 and UAD Octo card. We'll also have a plethora of high-end plugins personally chosen and tested by Matthew: Waves, UAD, Acustica Audio, Plugin Alliance, Sound Toys and many more.

Professional mix engineers

If you need, we can provide a professional mix engineer to help you extend the quality of your mixes even further than what you can achieve on your own.

Discounts and advice

To top it off, we'll be offering mastering discounts to any artist or engineer who hires the mix room. Of course, where possible, we will be available to check final mixes and offer advice before you do your final prints.