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Building a new mastering room
Thursday, 03 January 2013 06:19

Early in 2012 we took the first step on a journey that will eventually end up as a new mastering room: we purchased a small warehouse. Located just a short drive from the current studio, it's the right size for a studio, and has enough height for an eventual editing room and lounge room on the mezzanine level.

The studio design brief was simply to make a room that sounds natural (lively) but well controlled with excellent bass response. The design has been completed by Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics.

We'll be adding updates below as the build progresses. You can also keep up to date via twitter, Facebook, and this forum.

July 2014

It's now been over 12 months since we first moved in to the studio, and we've been producing some of our finest work ever in this time, which makes the studio completely worthwhile.

If you haven't dropped in to check out the studio, please drop us a line - we'd love to show you around.

November 2013

After months of planning and 13 months of building, the new studio is complete! Thanks to those who came and celebrated with us early in November - it was great to share the moment with you.

We are over the moon that we are working from the first and only Front-to-Back mastering room in Australia.

banner studio a 1 high

August 2013

Be sure to check out AudioTechnology issue #96 for a feature article on our new Mastering Studio. Featuring a great interview with designer Thomas Jouanjean and Matthew Gray, Thomas discusses his Front To Back room design and why we chose this particular design for our new room. We're proud to have the first Northward Acoustics FTB room in Australia!

You can download the entire article here, courtesy of AudioTechnology magazine:

Audio Technology 96 cover

July 2013

Here we are in mid-July and, oh, what a difference a couple of months can make.

We started off with the completion of the rear wall and the addition of diffusers to the rear wall and ceiling. The speaker wall was treated with polished plaster, and then the studio was completely cleared out in order to lay the Tasmanian Oak floor.

Thomas Jouanjean, the acoustic designer, arrived from Belgium and we began the listening and testing. The results? Perfect.

Since Thomas left, the fabric has gone up and the studio electrical work completed. Not far to go now!

Ceiling diffusers being installed
Ceiling diffusers being installed.

Rear diffusers are mounted
Rear diffusers are mounted.

Speaker wall has hard polished plaster finish applied
Speaker wall has hard polished plaster finish applied.

Ceiling almost complete
Ceiling almost complete.

Thomas Jouanjean undertaking listening tests
Thomas Jouanjean undertaking listening tests.

Thomas J designer and Matt sitting on the tasmanian oak floor after successful listening testing
Thomas and Matt sitting on the Tasmanian Oak floor after successful listening testing.

Fabric applied to walls and ceiling
Fabric applied to walls and ceiling

May 2013

After some breaks for holidays and waiting for materials, work has progressed on all aspects of the room. March saw the membranes fitted to the walls. In April we added layers of Rockwool & Homatherm to the rear bass trap wall, front speaker wall and the side walls. We finished the final front speaker wall shape at the very end of April.

This month we have added the final layers of treatment to the side walls, and constructed ceiling framing and fabric frames.

Side wall ready for final fabric finish
Side wall showing final Homatherm treatment ready for final fabric finish.

Front speaker wall completed
Front Speaker wall completed with all adjoining angled sections.

Rear bass trap wall showing 6 of 8 layers
Rear bass trap wall showing 6 of the 8 layers of treatment.

December 2012

Work has continued on the ceiling and walls this month.

Diffusor Suport
Diffusor supports and and rockwool installed.

Yellow Tongue Ceiling1
Outer ceiling sheeted with two layers of yellow tongue.

Last day of the year
The last day of the year saw most of the plasterboard completed on the outer ceiling and outer walls.

November 2012

This month the studio outer walls and the outer ceiling joists have gone up.

Walls up
The walls go up.

Ceiling joists done
And then the ceiling joists.

Rockwool for outer shell
Rockwool inserted in the outer shell.

Yellow tongue on walls
Yellow tongue is attached to the walls.

October 2012

The big achievement for this month was laying the floating slab.

Regufoam laid
Regufoam laid ready for the floating slab.

Yellow tongue on regufoam
Then comes the yellow tongue.

Reo and ducting
Reo and ducting in place ready for the slab.

Pouring commences
Pouring the concrete for the floating slab.

Floating slab complete
The floating slab is complete. Now for some curing time.

September 2012

This month we raised the mezzanine floor up higher to allow room for the studio, and extended it all the way to the front of the building.

Mezzanine Extension
The mezzanine, raised and extended.

July 2012

Demolition time!

Demolition - Ceiling Joists and Support
Demolition begins.

Demolition - day 4
Demolition almost finished.

May 2012

Thomas Jouanjean has completed the mastering studio design.

Northward Acoustics design

March 2012

As of 22nd March 2012, this warehouse now belongs to Matthew Gray Mastering.

Warehouse outside
The warehouse from the outside.

View from the top of the current mezzanine floor
A view from the top of the current mezzanine floor.