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What clients are saying

We feel pretty chuffed with some of the things people say about us! So chuffed, in fact, that we'd like to share some of their unsolicited comments with you.

You are the best ME ever! I have tried many studios (around 40 - major and small - Sterling, Oasis, and ...). But now I prefer working with you.

Maxim Polikarpov (Russian producer)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last minute and long hours you have been doing for us ... we have been very impressed with the quality of your mastering.

Timothy Whincop (CEO, Hillsong Music)

I was completely blown away with how enormous and professional our song came back sounding. Your care for results sets you apart from the rest.

Eric Grothe, Shinobi

Probably the most happy I have ever been with a mastering job. I will be calling on you again for sure.

Ian Pritchett (Producer from Sydney for Noise Gate Recording)

I just wanted to say thank-you to Matt and the whole team at Matthew Gray Mastering ... the album tracks sound fantastic! I can't wait to release it to the world tomorrow! xxxx

Emily Williams (Platinum-selling Australian artist and Australian Idol contestant)

Your masters sound superb! You have a great feel for it, in my opinion. Everything sounds really cool.

Mychal (US producer)

Just thought that I would let you know that we were really stoked with the madtering you did for us on Foreign Land! We uploaded it to jjj unearthed last wednesday, it got played on the J on Thursday (Roots n All) and is now at number 1 on the roots charts this morning! So thanks a ****load! Can't wait now to get the rest of the album to you early next year!

Mike Jenner, The Floating Bridges

Graham my man! The Album sounds simply awesome. You did a sweet as job, all the levels are perfect, warmth and depth is lovely and the overall presence of the tracks are just stunning. The guys loved it... Amazing.

Matt Lister (Steeplejack from Melbourne, Australia)

The tracks seriously benefited from [Matt's] work, clarity-wise, eq-wise and improved depth. Very good quality gear chain, good taste with it and and one hell of a fine gentlemen to deal with.

Chet Delcampo (US) producer & band member of Hong Kong Stingray

The mastering is wonderful .. So happy with the fullness of everything. You are so talented. Thank you.

Hunz (electro solo artist)

I just want to say thanks for the amazing job you did on Joshua's Project. The finished master was so much more than I was expecting. I couldn't believe the sound you managed to coax out of the files I gave you. You're a genius!

Sean Thompson (producer)

I've been listening to the mastered songs and i really do like what you've done ... I think the vocals are being very well cradled by the rest of everything else - thank you so much ... I'll definitely be sending my future stuff to you ...

Inch Chua (solo artist from Singapore)

You have captured my intentions beautifully and I feel you've really really brought the track to its full potential. Your master has blown my previous experiences out of the water... I absolutely can't wait to finish the tracks on these projects to send to you!

John Connole (producer)

Our songs have gained so much since you twiddled those knobs and buttons, what a fantastic job! You seem as though you've mastered the 'dark art'... We will recommend you anytime ...

Brendan (The Room)

The more I listened to it and a/b'ed the song the more I liked it and I thought that it was a great interpretation of the feel I want with my music.

Peter Gordon (solo artist and producer)

Have had a listen to the track and am really impressed with the master, sounds great, has really brought the track to life! Great service mate, extremely impressed, looking forward to working with you in the future.

James Grehan (solo artist)

Your work sounds phenomenal. Great stuff indeed. I'm personally rapt with it and played it on a few different systems and stacks up great against other high end recordings ... Big tick from me.

Rodger Van Raalte (The Brave)

Sounds perfect man. Thanks for doing ... an amazing job mastering it.

Stu Larsen (solo artist)

Just finished listening to the master. Absolutely perfect. Thankyou once again. I couldn't have asked for a better job from you... this just sounds absolutely amazing!!!
Thankyou soooo much!!!!

Lance Dean

It sounds pretty amazing Matt! I just did an A-B (against a mix & master from the other producers) and what a huge difference.

Stu Niven (Producer)

Thanks so much for the mastering, I put the mp3's up against a lot of other songs and the quality is definitely world class. I'm sure to recommend you to my other clients.

Simon Knight (The Fit)

I hope we can get you involved in the future as you are highly talented and a good communicator. Thanks again for the Doch mastering too!

Mike Patterson (Doch Gypsy)

You are definitely my new Mastering Engineer, period.

Bernie Wedrat (producer)

You managed to pick out every tiny thing I had problems with in the recordings and fixed them all perfectly - you are a talented bugger. I am stoked with how it sounds.

Brad Liam Anderson