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Upload your mix:

Online Mastering starts here.  Upload your mix to our secure servers, we'll master the audio, then you can download the finished product.

Upload your mix to our secure servers

Want to save time? Use online mastering.

icon-uploadAttended sessions are great for a number of reasons.  But if you want to save serious time and travel expenses, we recommend online mastering.

Simply upload your mixes to our secure servers. Once the mastering is completed, we'll let you know and you can download the finished product.

Once your master is finished, we provide you with a 16-bit 44.1kHz wave file (full CD-quality) and, if you require, MP3's for you to upload directly to your websites.

Online mastering master quality = Attended session master quality

Is there quality difference when mastering online?


One of the misconceptions regarding online mastering or transferring files over the internet is quality loss. The simple answer is that there is absolutely no loss of quality when working in this way. We master your files in the exact same manner as an attended session.  When we deliver you the 16-bit 44.1kHz wave file or DDP master, it is identical in quality in every way to a CD master of the same song.

We do recommend you zip up your 24-bit mix files before uploading these to our secure servers to ensure that the data is not compromised in transmission.