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Online Mastering starts here.  Upload your mix to our secure servers, we'll master the audio, then you can download the finished product.

Upload your mix to our secure servers
Vinyl mastering

Vinyl masteringAt Matthew Gray Mastering we can master your project for CD and Vinyl at the same time.

There are a number of criteria which need to be met in order for a project to be considered ready for vinyl cutting.  In order to meet these criteria, some of the things we address during the mastering session include:

  • Ensure bass is mono up to 100Hz and that its not overly pronounced below 40Hz
  • Reduce excessive sibilance and high frequency content such as cymbals, hi-hats and shakers
  • Control the dynamics without excessive levels or distortion

Masters for vinyl are delivered to the client or vinyl cutting plant as 24-bit stereo interleaved wave files.

Check out our tips for releasing your project on vinyl.